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How to be a small business marketing master

Almost every small business owner has considered hiring a marketing specialist at least once in their career. Either to help improve business growth or bring in new clients with the help of effective marketing campaigns. After all, who doesn’t want their business to be successful?

However, in this day and age, small business owners can take the reigns of their business themselves, as modern technologies make marketing a breeze – and no degree required. Here are a few ways to market your small business like a master!

Take advantage of word of mouth

Word of mouth is by far the oldest and most effective means of marketing a product or service. It has withstood the test of time and continues to be a prominent marketing tactic used by experts in almost every industry. The reason for this is because potential clients trust other clients more often than the business itself.

Take advantage of satisfied clients and ask them to invite friends or family to your business, and to share their experiences on social media. Implementing a loyalty or referral program would motivate these clients even more. These tools let clients collect points for referrals, which they can then use to purchase prizes at your business.

Social media savvy

A successful business goes where it’s consumers are – nowadays, most can be found on social media platforms. Depending on your small business, using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can be very advantageous. If you are looking to get your brand name out into the world, taking the time get get familiar with Facebook and Instagram ads is well worth it. With this marketing tool, you can create ads aimed directly at your intended target audience based on a number of criteria, such as their interests, age, gender, location, etc.

Once you have an extensive group of followers, post interesting content! Invite clients to events at your business, or share the latest offers, products and services you may have at the business.

Direct contact with clients

Besides the usual marketing tools most specialists use, there some created for individual industries. Take for example your local barbershop – it may be a small business, but it always seems to be busy. It may be because it has a great customer base, it is advertised significantly, or it has a system that does the marketing for it – a barber software, for example Versum . Such solutions give the business owner the tools to directly communicate with clients via text or email. If the barbershop has a new product, service or offer, they can send a direct message to all of their clients.

Additionally, it may have an automatic review request section, where clients leave feedback about their experiences with the business. After sharing client reviews on social media pages , you make your business look more trustworthy.

Before you decide on hiring a marketing specialist, consider these options and take control of your business.

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