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How to make a linear drain releable again?

Many people have showers in their homes. In such cases very often the clogging of the outflow occurs. It is also possible in case of bathtubs, however, showers are more likely to become blocked. The most common occurrence is when the remnants of the hair are stuck with soap or gel residue. This creates a congestion that can be very irritating. How to deal with a blocked linear drain?

The simplest method

The easiest way to remove a linear drain is to use appropriate chemicals. These remedies are generally quite corrosive. Most often in the form of granules, which are poured directly into the drain and flooded with boiling water. In this way, there is a chemical reaction through which the hairs and residues of the dirt that dissolve in the outflow of the hair and the residue of the dirt are attached to the drainage of the drainage. As far as chemicals are concerned, it should be borne in mind that they enter the sewer system and may be undissolved. This is important at the moment when we do some hydraulic work. An undissolved agent may be present in the tube and may cause burns during exchange.

Home methods

There are also simple household methods that can equally help to drain the drain. If the problem is with the shower, you can try to take a shower head, unscrew the water jet and direct it to the drain. The force with which the water enters the drain is so strong that it can freeze it when it is clogged with the hair. In addition, from the mechanical methods, it is worth mentioning the use of crochet or bent metal hanger. These tools are good at clogging the clogged drain. There is also a home-made chemical method, and enough soda, vinegar and cloth to make it. Soda is poured into the drain and flooded with vinegar. It is then that there is a strong reaction, which may result in draining the drain. After the vinegar is poured, drain off the cloth and wait about 20 minutes. Then drain with hot water but be careful not to burn.

Linear flow problems are quite common and there are many ways to combat them effectively. Remember to do it fairly quickly so that there is no serious damage.

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