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Kitchen inspiration

It’s apparent that we can find elements of art also it the kitchen space. Surely art is around us, when we prepare delicious dinner or when we make fruit cake. We are able to approach to art in so many ways, also by cooking and by kitchen accessories and furniture. We must perceive the beauty in small things that constitute day-to-day experience.

Artistic kitchen furniture

These days we appreciate minimalist arrangements, also in the kitchen space. Modern kitchen furniture are based on elementary colours and figures. But also in vogue the are traditional furniture – decorative, retro, made of wood, just like stylish teak table. Artistic kitchen furniture are also inspired by folk art that reveals to us anew. We like these days to amount to retro inspiration in the kitchen space. Sometimes it is advise to rummage in old thing in order to find something beautiful, just like old kettle or wooden chair.

Artistic cutlery

We will find interesting examples of kitchen art on this website: gerlachshop.co.uk. We can admire here among other artistic cutlery just like the 68-piece Celestia cutlery set. It is traditional cutlery, perfect for casual meals and more formal occasions. It features a classic design and shape with subtle decoration, giving lightness and elegance to the knives, forks and spoons. The Celestia series is available in two finishes: gloss and matt, which complement and accentuate the cutlery decoration lines. The artistic design and attention to detail bring sophistication to all meetings at the table.

Artistic food

Looking for examples of art in the kitchen, we will find it easy way in food. In splendid dishes prepared with imagination. In multicolour muffins, in spring salad made from fresh fruit and vegetables, in chocolate treats, in attractive titbits, in extraordinary layer cake. It’s worth cooking with total fantasy!

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