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Non-stick frying pan: teflon or ceramic?

Pans and pots with non-stick coatings are very popular in recent years. Frying on these pans makes everyday tasks a source of pleasure. In kitchen stores, we can find dishes with coatings of teflon or ceramic. Which will be better? Check our advice!

Teflon? No thanks!

Until recently, in almost every kitchen there were pans and pots covered with teflon from the inside. Unfortunately, numerous studies prove that teflon heated to high temperatures can release substances that negatively affect our health and the natural environment. The defects of teflon cookware include their impermanence and lack of scratch resistance. Today, leading manufacturers are moving away from artificial, toxic teflon in favor of coatings reinforced with natural ceramic.

Natural ceramics – preferably for health and the environment

An interesting alternative to teflon is ceramic. Surfaces of natural origin are not non-toxic. The high quality ceramic coating is resistant to abrasion and scratches. Preparing dishes in pots and pans with a ceramic coating positively affects the taste and quality of dishes. Frying pans with a ceramic coating will appeal to the followers of a low-calorie diet  to fry an aromatic fish or meat, you only need a drop of oil!

Smart shopping

Do you want to enrich your kitchen with a modern non-stick frying pan? Bet on the products of a well-known and valued brand. On the website you will find a wide selection of modern pans, which will make your meals pleasant and easy for many years. What is important, the Gerlach frying pans stand out with the least thoughtful construction of the bottom, thanks to which the vessel heats up quickly and keeps heat for a long time, which allows to minimize energy losses.

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