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Plugged shower drain

Stuck sewer pipe – everyone seems to know this problem, which usually occurs in the kitchen, but also, though less often, in the bathroom. Unfortunately, in the kitchen we can quickly get rid of this problem, the bathroom is not that easy. So what can we do? How to repair shower drains?

Clogged shower drains in the bathroom

There are often bathroom congestion, and their common cause is the accumulation of hair inside the sewer pipe. If we ever see bubbling in the shower, it will mean that the installation begins to clog up on a certain stretch. There are several ways to clear the drainage, depending on the location and degree of blockage.

Domestic ways to clog the shower drain

A good idea is a scooter. This is a rubber glove with a wooden handle. The bulldozer is a popular, simple device, however, it is only suitable for clearing the drain itself. The cup is pressed tightly to the drain, sucking it, then pulling. The operation is repeated several times.

Another good idea is the powder to clear the pipes. These are chemical preparations. It is important to properly handle loose flowing products as they can completely clog sewers. With such a problem, even the greatest specialist is difficult to handle. This problem occurs when the powder is poured into the blocked pipe. Then it reaches the water to the place of congestion, after a few hours the water slowly flows down, but the center stones. The effect will be as if the installation was plastered. Then we only need to call a specialist with a pressure machine, and if that does not help (luckily rarely), we will have to wash the walls, dismantle the clogged section and re-install the pipe.

Pasteurizing agents should be used prophylactically, once poured into the drainage system, not at the time of congestion in the pipe.

However, if our shower drain is still clogged, we should call the specialist. The best solution at this point will be plumber. It is this person who has the right equipment, knowledge and experience. If our home remedies do not produce any results, we should not continue. Sometimes we can even unconsciously spoil the entire outflow.

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