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Removing impurities from the shower drains

Commercial shower cleaners and disinfectants for shower drains are designed to dissolve the fat and hair that remain in the pipes, for which manufacturers use caustic soda or sulfuric acid. As known, soda is a corrosive agent like acid, which causes extensive burns to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. However, the drop of this substance in the eyes and is a huge likelihood of losing sight. Therefore, it is worth to try any home-made ways to tear the shower drain.

Perfect pusher

The rubber pusher will do its best only when our shower drain almost completely loses patency. Certainly will be able to cope with the remains of food accumulated in the drainage pipe. In addition, it is perfect for draining overflow channels in shower drains. After the „treatment” abundantly drain the running water and if necessary use the pusher again.

Popular wire with a „hook”

If our outflow is clogged with long pieces such as hair, the easiest way would be to use a wire with a hook. The rigid cable in the plastic cover will work great. Pinch a piece of wire and use the knobs to tie the hook. After having unscrewed the strainer from the drain, carefully search through your „harpoon” drain.

Hot water with soap

In lighter cases we do not need to use „invasive” methods. If the water flows slower than before and the drain is not completely blocked, try to flood it with hot water with the soap dissolved in it. For this purpose, boil a pot of water and mix in a few tablespoons of liquid soap or liquid, which we use every day for dishwashing. Then slowly take the wrong outflow.

Irreplaceable salt

Another proven method for sloppy drainage is the use of kitchen salt. However, unlike soap, do not dissolve salt in the water, and the dump is blocked with a few spoonfuls of kitchen salt. Then slowly depress it with two liters of very hot water. Salt in combination with hot water will only cope if the drain has not completely lost the patency.

The methods of flooding the tap with hot soapy or salt water will be a great addition to the treatment, just after a hook or rubber push.

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