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What it is wet room kits?

Beautiful, modern arrangements of bathrooms have one common denominator: lightness and spaciousness. Where does this impression come from? Very often there is no shower tray. When the big white bowl does not catch the eye, the bathroom decor and decorative elements are more visible. It looks nicer, more aesthetically, but what else? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a shower enclosure without a shower tray.

Are wet room kits the best solution?

The complicated design of the shower enclosure with the shower tray is more and more often replaced with a hidden drain in the floor and (optionally) with glass walls. How many? As many as we want! Showers of this type can be equipped with just one glass wall. Such picture works on the imagination, does it? Let’s think how many arrangement possibilities creates a solution. However, there is no rose without thorns, a shower-tray-less shower has a lot of advantages, but also a few drawbacks. Take a look on the pros and cons below.

How should the wet room kits be like?

A bathroom without a shower tray seems larger at the first, second and third glance. It’s not just about optically illusions. In case the shower structure is made up of walls, the bathroom simply becomes larger, more settable and more spacious. Therefore, this solution is recommended to small-size owners. Is a shower without a shower tray a good solution for a small bathroom? Definitely yes. In a small bathroom every centimeter counts, and by choosing a drain in the floor we are not limited by the standard sizes of the shower tray. We can, for example, opt for a longer cabin or a solution with a walk-in window instead of a door – this solution will visually enlarge the small bathroom.

In the narrow bathroom, it is difficult to reconcile all the needs of the household. Bath, wet room kit, storage, washing machine, etc. It is even more difficult when in an uncharted room we try to install a suitable shower with a shower tray. The great advantage of the lack of shower tray is the freedom in operating the shape of the „cabin”. Breaks, alcoves, corners can be turned into a cabin of any size. In the case when it would be necessary to look for a shower tray with dimensions different from the standard ones, we can insert glass walls and forge a drain in the floor. The shower on the plan of a triangle or trapezoid is open to us.

By removing the shower tray from the bathroom, we remove the problem of heaviness. Glass and floor drain do not take up much space. They add lightness to the interior. Thanks to this, it is easier to create a specific style of arrangement, and the decorative elements are more visible. You can see more and we can do more. Although glass and steel constructions emanate with modernity, their delicate nature works well in other than modernist arrangements in wet room kit.

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